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Kenpo KarateThe International Kenpo Karate Federation is one of the OLDEST Kenpo Karate association and operates as a non-political Kenpo Karate entity whose focus is to help you grow your school and penetrate and dominate your local market.  

   I know, that what everybody else says too. They claim that they are 'non-political', but our name actually proves it.

   We are different from most other organizations, because we are a TRUE Federation as defined by Webster's Dictionary -

"A Federation is a united body formed by a number of schools, instructors, students, other associations, etc., each retaining control of its own internal affairs, but working towards a common goal."

   You see, the IKKF does not control what you do in your school. We don't tell you what and how many techniques and forms you HAVE to teach. That is totally up to you.

 You know what works best for you and your students.

"Is This Crippling Your
Kenpo Karate School, Too?"

  One of the biggest issues most Kenpo Karate instructors face is the drop out rate from their students. It seems that the Kenpo material overwhelms the students and they drop out like flies in the Arizona summer sun.

   In order to keep as many active students as possible I actually developed a highly effective training system that shows my student EXACTLY when they will test for each belt and what Kenpo Karate techniques they need to know. The student even knows (based on their regular training) the precise date when they will earn their black belt.Kenpo Karate

  This system gets the student (and parents) highly motivated and keeps them focused on their goals.  My school had about 230 active student enrolled, even though there were 36 competing martial arts schools in a 5 mile radius and 18 were within a 2 mile radius. This did not include the countless YMCAs, church groups or back-yard/garage based instructors.

   What made my Kenpo Karate school highly successful was the fact that 80% of my students were in the Black Belt Club and they were 110% committed to achieving their Black Belt. (ask me how you can do that too)

"Who Is YOUR Kenpo Karate
School's Real Competition?"

   This fact may surprise you, other martial artists are NOT your competition.

   Your true competition are other social activities such as soccer, baseball, basketball, football, etc. They are responsible for depleting your student body. Which is a shame, because none of those other activities teach sportsmanship (just watch the parents at the games), focus, concentration, perseverance (only the gifted players get to play), self-esteem, confidence, etc.

"What Is Your TRUE Responsibility?"

   I strongly believe that YOUR responsibility as a Professional Kenpo Karate Instructor is to teach the personal development skills that every student DESPERATELY needs in order to succeed in life.

   Just imagine what YOUR life would be like, if you did not have the focus, self-discipline, positive Can-Do attitude, perseverance etc that you learned from the Kenpo Karate.

   It is NOT about

  • how long you've been teaching
  • how many techniques/forms you know
  • who YOUR instructor was
  • what you Kenpo Karate rank are
  • how many championships you have won

   President John F. Kennedy said it best: "It's not what your country can do for you, it's what you can do for your country".

   The same applies to Kenpo Karate training. It's not what the student can do for you, it's how much personal development lessons can you teach your student. That is the REAL SECRET to SUCCESS ! ! !

"Remember, Kenpo is Kenpo"

  It does not matter who your 'original' Kenpo Karate instructor was, where you've been and what you've done.

Here are the only things that matters 

  • Do you walk the talk or just talk the talk?
  • Can you teach and bring out the best in your students?
  • Does your material work in a REAL situation?
  • Do your techniques abide by the scientific principles and concepts as outlined by Mr. Parker?

   The International Kenpo Karate Federation wants to make you successful, so join us right now.

  Feel free to contact me directly via e-mail at and I will gladly answer any questions you may have about your International Kenpo Karate Federation membership.

You can also let me know the kind of services / products that you would like the IKKF provide to you.

You can reach me directly at 931-771-6507. I am in the office Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST. I welcome your call and look forward to speaking with you soon.

  kenpo karate
GM. R. Marek, PhD
10th Dan - Bushido Kenpo


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